15727035_963385845565_1493108636352262838_nI learned to sew at a young age and would design and sew my own clothes while I was in High School. I attended Paier School of Art to pursue a degree in advertising. I married and was a stay at home Mom for several years to three wonderful kids. I started a sewing business out of my home and successfully sold at local Women Exchange Shops for several years until my kids were grown and I went back into the work place.
I’ve always kept my passion for sewing whether it be for my home or someone else’s. I now get to sew for my grandchildren! I will continue to sew and design as it gives me great pleasure to implement things I create.

My clothes can now be found at the Fairfield Women’s Exchange again! I dropped off a few things to see how they sell. They are always as usual, available in my Esty shop.